San Martino Estate Wine Relais

Would you like to sip a lovely glass of wine next to a magnificent overhanging pool overlooking the castles and hills of Asti? Or relax in our spa in an old brick cellar with a vaulted ceiling?

You’ll soon be able to do so in the wine relais that’s being constructed within the walls of our old farmhouse that’s undergoing renovation.

We’re using high-quality, natural materials in its construction, out of respect for the environment and the local people, while striving to provide our guests with the maximum amount of comfort in full observance of the philosophy that sets us apart.

Wood, cement tiles and antique brick are the materials we’re using to create this magnificent space that you’re sure to immediately fall in love with.

Limewash paints and natural mortars, exposed wooden ceilings and large wrought iron windows will provide a unique feeling of warmth and well-being that only an old Piedmontese farmhouse can give.

See you soon!